Avoid insomnia-inducing behaviors.

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From knowing the causes and symptoms of insomnia from the previous article. Good health will answer questions for people who can’t sleep what to do. Both behavioral adjustments bedroom arrangement and how to help sleep easier. So that each person can adjust the trial to see which method can help you sleep easily. I sleep better.

1. Lack of sleep time 

Some nights sleep early Some nights sleep late at midnight Or some nights I go to bed at 1 and 2 am, which is a behavior of not sleeping at the right time. This is a necessary obstacle to the practice of creating a systematic body clock. When it’s time to wake up, wake up on time without using an alarm clock. When it’s time to sleep, the body will start to feel drowsy and fall asleep easily. Therefore, we should adjust our sleeping habits according to the time. You should sleep early. Not too late and avoid sleeping during the day Or if you feel tired, you should take a 10-20 minute nap instead of sleeping. You should not take a nap after 3 pm because it will make you feel sleepy in the evening. causing you to fall asleep later than normal sleep time

2. Exercise in the evening.

 Or during the night which wakes up the nerves and the body not feeling relaxed when it’s time to sleep The best exercise should be in the morning. or in the evening before the sun sets If possible, exercise for at least 30 minutes every day. It will make your sleep easier. more systematic It also helps burn excess calories in the body. To have a beautiful shape It can also be proportional UFABET 

3. Eating full food.

 Or too much at dinner Because it takes at least 2 hours for the stomach to finish digesting food. If you have to eat a lot, or eating too late will make the subsystem still have to work during bedtime we sleep causing insomnia restless sleep Therefore, avoid eating too much. And it’s too good for dinner.

4. Drinking tea, coffee or alcohol After 3:00 p.m.

Because drinks containing caffeine stimulate the brain. and body awake if drinking too much Or drinking near bedtime will result in the body being energetic. Instead of feeling relaxed and ready to sleep.