People who should avoid drinking tea.

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People who have problems with constipation or difficulty in bowel movements. Do not drink strong tea. Because of boiling or soaking tea for a long time The more tannins in the tea leaves you will get. Affects the stomach to absorb less food. The digestive system is abnormal and becomes constipated. And if drinking strong on an empty stomach for a long time, it can cause gastritis. Therefore, Should be drunk 2-3 hours after eating and not drinking tea before eating.

Small children should not drink because the body will not fully absorb the food. It is an obstacle to growth. Because tannins affect minerals in the stomach and intestines. Such as iron, iodine, chromium, selenium, zinc, copper, manganese. When combine with proteins, it is difficult to digest. In addition, tannins, when combine with iron, will coagulate into lumps. Less biodegradable It can lead to iron deficiency in the blood UFABET

Pregnant or menstruating women should not drink. Because tea is combined with various nutrients. useful especially iron.

Patients or people with underlying diseases. Should not be drunk without the permission of your doctor. Because substances in tea leaves may have side effects with some diseases. For example, people with kidney disease , if they drink , it may impair kidney function. Resulting in kidney failure. or who is High blood pressure, heart disease should not drink as well.