Chelsea 2-2 Wolves: Dissecting every key issue after Blues vs Wolves

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Chelsea 2-2 Wolves: Dissecting every key issue after Blues vs Wolves

1. Lukaku calls confidence with two goals.

Romelu Lukaku has been under a turmoil with Chelsea when he was ignor on the bench earlier in Chelsea’s 1-0 defeat at Everton at the weekend. Before Amid the news of Big Rom’s dissatisfaction with the decision to bully until the news of his farewell to Stamford Bridge this summer.

But above all, Lukaku still has the trust of Thomas Tuchel starting to prove himself. And referred to be able to repay the trust of the German boss very well. Report from UFABET

Referred to as a penalty for the team. Before it was kill in the opening shot in the penalty shootout. This was follow by a quick 2-0 long-range shot. That was only moments after the first goal. Unfortunately, he was substitute later when the momentum of the game fell on the away team.

Despite being somewhat of a downturn in form lately, Lukaku has become Chelsea’s top scorer this season with a record 14 goals in all competitions.

2. The long whistle hasn’t sounded yet, just don’t judge the game.

Situation on stage in the UEFA Champions League A few days ago reminded us of the importance of standing up. Keep the focus on the whole game as long as you haven’t heard the long-time whistle.

This game is the same.

Chelsea’s defensive negligence caused them to concede 2-1 just 10 minutes into the game, with Wolves scoring just one goal for the remainder of the game. And a minor mistake in the final minute of injury time saw Thomas Tuchel’s men walk away from Stamford Bridge with just one point in hand instead of three.

3. Champions League Quota Still not guaranteed for Chelsea

As a result of Chelsea picking up just one point in the match. They are four points above fourth-place Arsenal and have play more than one match. With the Gunners having duel against Leeds United the night. Sunday

Even while writing the article. The game between Liverpool and Spurs has play yet. But the Blues would be a bit troubling if the Golden Spurs chicken army emerged to win the Reds successfully, causing the gap on the scoreboard between the Lilly Wy army. Oates, in fifth place with the Blues, will have only 3 points left.