Raised De Bruyne the best football smarts.

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CBS Sports analyst Thierry Henry has named Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne. As the best footballer he has seen in his entire life.

De Bruyne was crowned man of the match as he drew 1-1 with Real Madrid in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final yesterday. Thanks to his outstanding performance and superb long-range strike in the second half. Until holding a small advantage before switching to playing at the Etihad Stadium next week (May 17) 

Potential throughout the 90 minutes shown Causing the former staff to coach the Belgian national team to give the 31-carat footballer a genuine brain ball. 

“He showed it last night.”  UFABET

said Henry, former CL champion 2009 open mouth. 

“I don’t think he had a great game but the goal was very important. And I want to say that I have been through many players either working with or as an opponent. which are all cool.”

“I think Kevin is the most intelligent football I’ve ever seen. And because of that, sometimes I don’t know what he was thinking of all the neatness Looking at him, he didn’t seem like us. Maybe there was a problem because it didn’t feel like it was a level that could catch up with the ball.”

“ He’s the smartest player I’ve ever seen in my life. It only takes a split second to figure out what to do.”

“I’ve seen him for six years, both on and off the field of the Belgian national team. You more or less fell in love with that guy. Because I saw what he did up close on the training pitch and on the game.” 

“De Bruyne worships perfection, unbelievable. Kevin Ballbrain thinks back to what he can do, it’s like a player from another world. 

For Jamie Carragher ‘s point of view, co -analysts are cheering for KDB to win the Champions League once. They will be on the same shelf as Steven Gerrard , Xavi Hernandez , Andreas Iniesta or Luka Modric.