Aguero doesn’t understand Pep doesn’t use Alvarez to draw King.

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Former Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero admits. He did not understand Julian Alvarez did not feature in the 1-1 draw with Real Madrid in the Champions League.

Manchester City drew 1-1 with Real Madrid thanks to Kevin De Bruyne’s long-range strike in the first leg of their Champions League semi-final on Tuesday.

In this game, Pep did not change a single substitute. Causing Aguero to be quite concerned with the decision of the former boss. Especially in the case of Julian Alvarez, who did not have the opportunity to enter the field.

“What I don’t understand is why he didn’t play Julian, I’m very surprised,” said the former City striker. 

“But that’s Pep, he doesn’t have to please anyone. And if it was up to me, I would definitely send Julian to play almost every game. We need him for alertness. and spark again UFABET

The World Cup-winning Argentina international has scored 15 goals in 44 appearances for City, although most of his roles have been as a substitute. 

Alvarez’s talents became more visible to the world this past May. When he scored six goals in River Plate’s 8-1 thrashing of Allianz Lima in the Copa Libertadores group stage.

From such works, the name of Alvarez. Engraved in South American history. He became only the second player to score six goals in a single game in the Libertadores list. And is a player from River. The first plate to do this.