Leicester City are officially promoted to the Premier League next season.

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Leicester City are officially promote to the Premier League next season.

Leicester City will return to the top flight next season. The Championship will select the top two players for automatic promotion. And pawn the 3-6th place into ยูฟ่าเบท the play-off to find another team to advance to the Premier League.

The former Premier League champions’ latest home jersey is in The Foxes’ familiar blue with white accents.

Embossed fox heads from the Leicester City crest are repeated on the front of the shirt along with sets of five thin stripes. The fox head is also placed on the outside rear collar of the kit.

Leicester City have definitely become the first club to play in the Premier League next season. After Leeds United, one of their contenders for promotion, were defeated in their last game, leaving Leicester with no way out of the top two. definitely

Have become the first team to promote for sure after Leeds lost 4-0 to Queens Park Rangers, making Leicester guaranteed one of the two teams. Will definitely promote. However

There is still a chance of finishing as second league champions or not. With Leicester having already collected 94 points with 2 games left to play. While Ipswich, the third-place team, looks to be their only opponent. He went from having 89 points but still had 3 games left to play.

That means that in the last 2 games, Leicester City must collect at least 4 points to guarantee winning the second league championship, while Ipswich must win only one place with 3 remaining games for a chance to win. automatic floor But you must hope for Leicester to lose at least 1 game if you want to win the championship. The Championship this season