Rodrygo suffered an injury before Benzema late penalty as Man City

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Rodrygo suffered an injury before Benzema late penalty as Man City lead Real Madrid to Liverpool in the final.

Real started the game early and attacked first from the moment Carvajal open the ball to Benzema. Who didn’t finish. But was offside anyway. Reported from UFABET

A Bruyne was hit by Casemiro and fell to the ground, but the referee didn’t mind. Until leading to a bitter argument from both players and ended with Modric and Laporte receiving different yellow cards.

Moments later, Mahrez tried to shoot from far, but the ball went straight. Courtois

Another opportunity to inform the hosts. When Carvajal coordinate with Valverde has thrown to Benzema again. Without offside this time, but the perfume spearhead flew over the crossbar. Unfortunately, Vinicius appears to have hit

Walker quite a bit with his speed. But the last ball from the Brazilian rarely goes anywhere and is often halted by City’s defense.

The visiting team didn’t play much in the opening game. And trie to focus on dominating the game by calmly passing the ball around. In contrast to Carlo Ancelotti’s men,

however, City’s chances have come and gone. From a 20th-minute half-volley from Bernardo Silva save to another shot by Jesus. That fell out of the frame by itself With both opportunities coming from De Bruyne’s offerings, at

the end of the half, Real was clearly inferior and the hard work seemed to fall to the goalkeeper. Their Belgium, while on the other side, Ederson still doesn’t have to exert a save.

After 45 minutes had begun and Carvajal did not delay. He immediately threw the ball to greet City. But the visiting team’s defensive line remaine on both this occasion and the repeat of Vinicius in

the 49th minute. Zeus lock away from Casemiro. Before shuffling the trigger for Courtois to save – the pair now had seven shots equally, but Real had yet to hit the target and City had five on target. Once,

in the 51st minute Vinicius used his speed to slither to the end of the line before slapping into the middle for Modric to catch the ball poorly and block the City players

. At this point, Real looked a little better. But the ball in the last stroke was still eaten by City like Benzema, who was missing from the game

at the 70th minute, Walker crashed into Vinicius until he rolled his leg, but then took the wrong position. Hurt until unable to continue playing, City had to move to send Gundogan down instead.

In the 73rd minute, the team were already leading 0-1, starting with the ball from the back of City, taking a quick shot up to Silva, running to pull the splicer before touching out to the right for Mahrez to soar to the full length. A little bit of a spurt into the net

, Ancelotti replaced two more Tamtees, sending Camavanga and Asensio on instead of Modric and Casemiro as they needed another goal back. At least two goals

in the 86th minute City had a chance to leave the opportunity to shoot Cancelo, who was Courtois who saved it again.

There is still hope for Real to chase for 1-1 in the 90th minute from Camavanga’s long ball to Benzema, finishing in the middle for Rodrygo to charge sharply.

If not yet, Real would like to add. Added another ball when Carvajal added it to the same Rodrygo who took over the two centers to hit the ball with the total score that was tied.

The game ended with another golden opportunity for Rodrygo that Ederson saved with another shot from Foden that went over the crossbar.