What are a triglycerides?

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Triglycerides are Fat contains small particles that are synthesized by the liver. Which in addition to the body being able to create it itself. We also get triglycerides from eating foods that contain these types of fats. Normally, the body can get rid of triglycerides just shortly after eating. But if you eat more than the body can eliminate. Triglycerides accumulate in the adipose tissue. cause obesity 1 gram provides 9 kilocalories of energy. This type of fat can dissolve in the blood. It is also absorbed and accumulated in various parts of the body if triglycerides accumulate in large numbers. UFABET May be at risk of many serious diseases ever.

Dangers of high triglycerides.

The body has accumulated a large amount. This causes an increased risk of coronary artery disease. Because it makes the blood thicker due to the amount of fat dissolved in the blood. The blood clots together and becomes clogged in the arteries. makes blood flow uncomfortable Arteries deteriorate easily. As a result, it may cause heart and blood vessel disease, high blood pressure. Ischemic heart disease Cerebral hemorrhage leading to paralysis or death. For women, having high Risk of breast cancer. Because it will stimulate the hormone estrogen to increase. One of the reasons why it is easier to get breast cancer.