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What are a triglycerides?

Triglycerides are Fat contains small particles that are synthesized by the liver. Which in addition to the body being able to create it itself. We also get triglycerides from eating foods that contain these types of fats. Normally, the body can get rid of triglycerides just shortly after eating. But

What is wine made from?

Wine is an alcoholic beverage made from fermentation of grapes or fruit. If using grapes or sweet fruits often. There is no need to add alcohol. But if the fruit is sour. Must add more Because sugar is food for yeast with yeast as the reactant. The yeast eats the sugar in

Avoid insomnia-inducing behaviors.

From knowing the causes and symptoms of insomnia from the previous article. Good health will answer questions for people who can’t sleep what to do. Both behavioral adjustments bedroom arrangement and how to help sleep easier. So that each person can adjust the trial to see which method can help you sleep

People who should avoid drinking tea.

People who have problems with constipation or difficulty in bowel movements. Do not drink strong tea. Because of boiling or soaking tea for a long time The more tannins in the tea leaves you will get. Affects the stomach to absorb less food. The digestive system is abnormal and becomes