Brighton opened the nest to teach Manchester United football

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Brighton opened the nest to teach Manchester United football arranged for four, focusing on them

At the start of the game it seemed tight for United. Not least as they look to be mostly defensive, although Brighton’s offensive game didn’t cause much harm

Went first 1-0 when Brighton’s opener was headed, cleared, not lacking before clambering into the way. Moises Kaisedo compose one stroke. Before shuffling trigger from outside the penalty area to pass. The ball through Lindelöl’s legs. F went into the pole.

United’s net, started the game with Juan Mata as a playmaker. Watching over the ball for his team-mates around him.

Brighton took the opportunity to counter, quite dangerous and almost positive the score. Added in the 24th minute while the visiting team remained dull as before.

After a brief start-up, United are now Graham Potter’s men. Who have total possession of the ball and it’s almost as if they’re pulling the pitch against Manchester United.

34th minute McTominay, only worried until being snatch away. Before being Trossar who gallop to shoot but the ball went out by himself

42 minutes, Robert Sanchez, the goalkeeper splashed a long ball in front Varane missed the shot into the gun. Welbeck shuffled the trigger to send the ball over the crossbar.

finishing the first 45 minutes, with Manchester United 1-0 behind.

Rangnick adjusted the army to send Fred instead of Matic and Cavani instead of Ellanga immediately

But starting the second half, Brighton still did not like to chase down United until they got more goals in the minute. At 48, when a throw-in from the right side arrives at Trossar, the left side nudges backwards for Mark Cucurella to shoot full lengths across the face of De Gea into the goal.

United’s closest chance came in the 55th minute, when Dalot added to open the ball to hit the Brighton players into the way. Mata volleyed into the Sanchez envelope in

the 57th minute, 3-0. The moment the goalkeeper of Brighton splashed the long ball precisely to Cucurella, through, even though Trossar dunked through the hole for Pascal Gross to snatch the duel with Varane before sending the ball into the far post.

In an instant, Brighton came to the goal to increase to 4-0 from a smooth ball and know each other again until Welbeck opened up to Dalot, poked the leg in to intercept the ball to hit Trossar into the goal. Cool face

at the 64th minute, almost 5! But the last ball McAllister was hit by Dalot into the post in

the 70th minute. Bruno Fernandes fired from outside the penalty area, but Sanchas still form into the pod, moving to save. Like Cavani’s earlier chances, which were also very close, at

the end of the game Rangnick sent Maguire on instead, Mata adjusted to the back three and had the full-back act as a wing-back instead.

The game image seems to be up for a moment. But after that, the game went to Brighton, who had not run all the same throughout the game.

The cheers from the fans grew louder and Brighton became more and more excited for more goals.

The whistle rang with uncertain Europa League quota as West Ham. Who have scored better, could score a point if they win two games in hand.